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H&G Morocco Tours is an Amazigh travel company in Morocco . We curate authentic and unforgettable experiences tailor-made to your specific travel wishes. We aim to include all the elements of an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience in our tours and excursions. Although we have a selection of planned tour itineraries for you to choose from in the above tours menu, if you would like a pre-planned itinerary, or some inspiration.

Why Choose Us?

We have a strong focus on responsible and authentic travel. We are always working towards more ethical and sustainable tours. Authenticity is important to us and our main ambition is to provide the best experience of Morocco to our Guests. We want our guests to return home with Morocco in their hearts. We are a small, family-run start-up business, so by booking with us, you are directly supporting a local business and a Moroccan family. We have strong family values and you will be looked after as if you were family, as is the Moroccan way. Warm welcomes and adventures await!

Our experiences are bespoke, and tailor-made to your specific travel wishes.  We aim to include all the elements of an unforgettable, awe-inspiring experience in our tours, excursions, experiences, and events.  Hamid has extremely strong family values and this is extended to our Guests. The first 6 years of Hamid’s life were nomadic. His family roamed the desert freely.  Hamid knows the desert and its environment like the back of his hand and it is where he feels most alive.  Hamid is passionate about sharing this heady, heightened sense of being alive that is evoked by being in the profound and majestic Saharan dunes with our guests.

We will explore the off-the-beaten-track secrets of Morocco and discover its hidden treasures.  Whether it is camel trekking the evocative Sahara Desert and spending a night under a breath-taking sky full of stars, spending a day in the life of a nomad family, indulging all your senses in the vibrant atmosphere of Marrakech, letting the intoxicating rhythm of Africa pulse through your veins while playing the African drums, wandering the enchanting and artistic blue streets of Chefchaouen, taking an authentic Moroccan cooking class and creating a delicious tagine, dancing to Afro-Arabian music at traditional festivals, marveling at the stunning, mystical architecture and intricately beautiful mosques, exploring snow-capped mountains, ancient Roman Ruins, visiting women’s argan cooperatives, towering mountain waterfalls, dining in a river in Ourika Valley and enjoying sand, sea and surf on our North African beaches, we will ensure you have the best time and a wonderfully memorable experience.

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