Day trip in Essaouira

Short description:

Explore the relaxed coastal city of Essaouira and an afternoon camel ride along the beach.

Detailed description:

Explore the coastal city of Essaouira. Exploring its relaxed Medina and all the authentic and handmade crafts made by the Artisans. It’s a famous surfing destination and is aptly named “City of Wind”. The city has characteristic blue doors and washed walls and is also know as Morocco’s “Jewel of the Atlantic”. A visit to the women’s cooperative of Argan oil, good for culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. The way it’s extracted and made is an art in itself. Enjoy lunch either in the Medina or in the Port. Then you can enjoy a camel ride along the beach in the afternoo.

What makes this trip different :

This day excursion connects with a local cooperative of ladies who go through an intricate process to produce the highly valued argan oil. It’s a community-based, authentic experience. The chilled out coastal vibe while exploring Essaouira is great and the camel ride on the beach is filled with a feeling of otherworldly adventure and wonderful coastal view

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